Welcome to the online home of the Mercedes-Benz Club of Kenya (MBCK).MBCK was founded in 2014 is registered as a club under the societies act in Kenya with 137 registered members.

The history of Mercedes-Benz in Kenya has been long and successful. Its trucks and automobiles have developed the enviable reputation of reliability and luxury that has made it a legend the world over. Consequently, MBCK members who are known as “wa-Benzi” are a breed of automotive enthusiasts who are proud to be associated, passionate and actively promote the “three – pointed silver star”.

Joining and Participation in club activities has had a positive impact on the members where knowledge, Love and enthusiasm of the brand Mercedes has been registered. We have also witnessed better maintenance of the vehicles, improved driving skills and significant number of members upgrading to newer models.

The rich heritage of Mercedes-Benz and the enthusiasm of generations of owners is made manifest in Kenya and we welcome you to join our growing club.

This continuously developing website primarily functions as a resource to potential and current members, featuring club news, forthcoming events, and general news and information from the international field that is the domain of Mercedes-Benz.
We also have an active social media following that augments and enhances the membership experience. We welcome you to follow us !