Code of professional conduct summary

Guidelines In Summary:
1.Treat everyone with dignity, courtesy and respect. Avoid contemptuous and aggressive language, seek to confirm what someone means before assuming and reacting in a negative manner. A direct violation of this principle would be in the form of
Verbal Harassment: avoid the use of slurs and derogatory statements, name calling, belittling, inappropriate comments, demeaning statements about a person’s relationships, opinions, ethnicity and ancestry etc.
Visual and Written Harassment: avoid explicit, derogatory and demeaning gestures, illustrations, computer graphics, and the dissemination of e-mails containing such material in content and intent.
Physical Harassment: assault, physically blocking and impeding others, grabbing or holding inappropriately will not be tolerated and will lead to disciplinary action.
2.It is not entirely necessary for opinions to be shared in order to respect one another. Differing views are normal and if handled properly will enrich the club and encourage healthy discourse. However, any dysfunctional behaviour stemming from differences in opinion will detract from the mission of the club and will seek to undermine the club’s goals and objectives, and as such must be avoided at all costs. Differences in views must be handled carefully and in such a manner that will lead to the advancement of the club and its overall agenda.
3.Operate from a position of trust. The default position of club members towards each other should be with trust and honesty. Avoid any situation in which trust may be compromised or questioned, and always choose to verify the “facts” of a particular situation before choosing to react in a negative fashion.
4.Focus on a high level of achievement and contribution with regard to club activities. In order to generate enthusiasm and commitment among members, it is imperative that club officials and members appoint themselves with the highest possible standards of collective achievement. The accomplishment of these goals and objectives will build trust in the leadership as well as cementing the camaraderie among members due to seeing their plans and endeavours come into fruition.
5.Practice good stewardship. In order to be good stewards we must work professionally and collaboratively. We must not lose focus that we are a car club and not a political organization, and as such we must not forget our clubs vision and mission.
6.Come to board meetings fully prepared. It is a sign of respect to your colleagues to arrive on time and well prepared for the agenda at hand. Being mindful of the time that everyone is dedicating towards the agenda and tasks at hand, it is important to come with an attitude to work collaboratively, and a commitment to treat all with respect, dignity and courtesy.
7.Use e-mail, social media and online forums with discretion. It is easy to be misunderstood in any media that does not involve face-to-face interaction. Allow yourself to be more formal and to employ more discretion when using the written word in order to avoid being misunderstood. In the event that there is a misunderstanding, the appointed administrators are there to aid in getting to the truth of the matter and avoiding the “fanning of flames” that may be the result of any such correspondence. The code of ethics that governs all our interactions must be employed in full by the administrators and moderators of all the online media and forums.
8.Ethical Complaints submitted to the MBCK Management will have to be substantiated with facts and thereafter for resolution.
9.In the event that there are differences in opinion about the club leadership, policies and procedures, the same should be put forward in board meetings. Any items that require a longer period of time to be resolved should be set forward to an appointed task force or committee that will represent all the different sides and opinions, and will then report back to the board on their findings and specific recommendations.
In such interactions, personal verbal attacks, vindictive statements, interpersonal hostilities, yelling and shouting matches, sarcastic comments, and any other form of juvenile behaviour shall not be tolerated. Board members who repeatedly exhibit such behaviour will be warned, reprimanded, and required to sign a performance agreement form, face censure, or be expelled, depending on the nature and extent of their behaviour.