The 2016 MBCK Elections Committee would like to take this opportunity to announce that the elections are here with us.

Below are the members who have been appointed to the elections committee:
1. Amon Somolong
2. Cynthia Mayaka
3. Peter Wanday
4. Tito Ndeto
5. Hiram Gachugi

This committee will be overseeing the nominations, elections and inauguration process. Please note that the current committee will continue to execute their duties until the Annual General Meeting on (27/8/2016).
Elections Schedule is as follows :
18/7/2016 : Announcement of the Interim Elections Committee
20/7/2016 : Start of the nomination process
30/7/2016 : End of nomination process
06/8/2016 : Elections
27/8/2016 : Inauguration of new committee at the AGM

Committee positions available are:
1. Chairman
2. Vice Chairman
3. Treasurer
4. Communications and Legal
5. Events and Hospitality
6. Corporate Liaison
7. Website, Newsletter, Multimedia and Club activities
8. Secretary
9. Security /Sergeant-at- Arms
10 Technical

Roles of MBCK Committee:
1. President / Vice president
• Ex-Officio members of the committee.
• Shall not vote except in the exercise of a casting vote.
2. Chairman
• Chair committee meetings & AGM
• Co-ordinate roles of other committee positions
• Represent the club to other clubs and automotive organisations.
3. Vice Chairman
• Assist in above roles of the Chairman.
• Fill in for Chairman where necessary
• Oversee specific committee roles where required.
• Moderate forums
• Effectively is chief operating officer of the club oversees the events and other operational aspects.
4. Treasurer’s Office
• Looks after the club bank account, deposit of monies and writing cheques for expense, club book work
• Assists other positions with finances, eg: budgets for displays
• Ensures members are informed of club financial position via meeting and newsletter reports.
• Undertakes financial reporting requirements
• Maintains regulatory reporting requirements in line with club registration
5. Communications & Legal Dept
• To provide guidance to the introduction of new legislation or the amendment of existing legislation or changes to the constitution
• To provide legal advisory services to MBCK whenever there is need.
• Provide relevant communication to new members on MBCK and liase with the Marketing and Merchandising office in preparation and production of starter kits for members.
6. Events & Hospitality
• Arranges, co-ordinates and plans club events based on member’s suggestions
• Works together with committee members and assistant to plan larger events (Eg: Accommodation and Displays at Car Shows)
• Researches activities for possible club events
• Responsible for promotion of events (Eg: Design Club Flyers and distribute to members)
7. Corporate Liaison
• Establish and nurture a working relationship between the club and other organizations
• Co-ordinates sponsorship and sponsors
8. Website, Newsletter, Multimedia & Club Archives
• Manage Clubs multimedia and online resources
9. Club Secretary’s Office/ Members Representative
• Moderate forums
• Ensure Club correspondence, forms and flyers are updated and available
• Process Membership applications and enquiries (update club records, make membership cards and post responses)
• Initiate annual membership renewals, process received renewals and chase up outstanding renewals.
• Coordinates club merchandise orders and distribution.
10. Security / Sergeant-at-Arms / Housekeeping
• Maintains Law and order during club events and meetings
11. Technical
• Equips members with relevant technical knowledge on their vehicles through online forums and Events

To nominate a member, follow the link below and fill in all blanks

NB: Refresh the link to nominate another member for a different position .